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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wizard Conductor's Wand, er, um, Baton, Yeah, that's it.

"Ah, music - a magic beyond all we do here!" Wise words by one of the greatest headmasters of all time - long live his memory. This wizard wand is perfect for the witch or wizard with musical talent - I'm currently negotiating a custom design for the former lead singer of the Weird Sisters, now persuing a career as a conductor of a prominent symphony in disguise as a muggle. I can't tell you which, but it should be apparent soon when the music they play is subtlely enhanced by the magic of the wand I'm making. I'm expecting great things - Keep your eyes and ears open, you'll be impressed.
The baton shown above is with a holly shaft and a purpleheart handle, total length about 15 inches. The shaft should be both light weight and light color. Maple offers a less-expensive alternative to holly. The handle can be any number of woods, from more common woods like walnut, purpleheart, etc. to exotics like rosewood, ebony, or cocobolo. Engraving and pyrography is also available for an additional fee. Email me to discuss specifics.
Price as shown - $60.00. Add a pouch for an additional $10.00

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