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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tulipwood and Padauk Wand - Chaos Contained

In wandlore, it is said that Padauk is a powerful, yet chaotic wood - novices beware of its randomly fluctuating, constantly changing energy. In this wand, however, it is combined with the magic of tulipwood - its ties to natural cycles provide order for the energy of the padauk, and as with Gupalot's third law, the combination of the two woods results in unique qualities that neither of the woods posess on their own - great for divination, cheering charms, herbology, and temporal transformations. Rumor has it that some of the unspeakables in the department of mysteries have been using similar wands to repair the damage from the recent battle there in the time room. Hopefully they can get their smashed time turners replaced so I can pick one up and get more time in my shop. But then, do they work for muggles?
Tulipwood, I'm afraid is pricey, so this is not one of my less expensive wands. Order yours for $42.50. Length: Approximately 14"


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