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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Hero's Holly Collection - Dark Wizards Beware

Holly - the wand wood that chose the chosen one - talk about choosy wands. However, if you've got the makings of a hero, you should have no problems. The boy who lived put his to great use - he drove away hundreds of dementors, won the triwizard tournament despite you-know-who's tampering, and through the prior incantantem resulting from the shared cores, overpowered the dark lord himself in a duel of sheer will at the age of fourteen. And don't forget the battle of the ministry where he and his holly wand fought off the inner circle of death eaters - lord-thingy's "most trusted" supporters. If this wizard's great feats do not show the nobility and heroism symbolized by the holly wand nothing will.

Length: 11". Price: $35.00

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