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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Divination Wands: The Purpleheart Cassandra Collection

This collection of Witch and Wizard Wands is named after an well renowned seer whose inner eye might have skipped a few generations. Hand-turned from solid purpleheart and individually styled, you just might foresee one of these wands choosing you!

Purpleheart is known for its powers in divination-if Trelawny had used one of these, perhaps she would have impressed Umbridge in her inspection after all. Don't write them off for other magical acts, though - purpleheart is also strong in its creative and healing powers, working equally well for healers and conjurers. And it's really cool looking wood.

Approximate length: 11"-13" - Price as shown: $19.50 each. Specify shape in the "buyer instructions" in the checkout process.

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