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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

N.E.W.T. Wizards Only - The Padauk Chaosmus Collection

These wizard wands are hand-turned from solid Padauk, with styling and design intended to reign in the more chaotic metaphysical properties of the wood. Wandlore says that padauk is a powerful but sometimes chaotic wood, its energy constantly changing, randomly fluctuating. This is probably why Professor Dumbledore banned Padauk wands for students who haven't yet passed their N.E.W.T. wizarding exams. Not to be underestimated, but in the hands of an experienced wizard, these wands have a lot of potential.

I suppose I should have researched the magical properties of Padauk before I tried waving the first of these wands around - you think Ollivander's was a mess after Harry Potter tried a few mismatched wands, you should have seen my shop! Good think I know Scourgify and Repairo! Could have been much, much worse. Still, if you think your magical abilities are honed and polished enough, this may be a wand for you.

Approximately 11" long, price as shown: $19.50 per wand. Be sure to specify which wand shape in your "buyer instructions" in the checkout process.

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