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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dueling Wands: The Pao Amarello Collection

Perhaps the most powerful wands I've made to date, this collection of hand-turned wizard wands was designed for dueling. Yellowheart, also called Pao Amarello, is known for leading to victory in combat, and yet also strengthening stillness in meditation - for the true, balanced wizarding warrior.Pao Amarello wood is smooth and vividly yellow, and the design of these wands is intended to easily shed attack from opposing wizards, while channeling the wielding wizard's energy to pierce shield charms and magical protections. Please, if a wand from this collection chooses you, be sure to use it for good, as its potency will not go unnoticed.

Approximate length: 11". Price as shown: $19.50 each. Specify which shape in your "buyer instructions" in the checkout process.

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