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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bloodwood Wand: The Drevo Krve

This bloodwood wizarding wand is highly styled, rigid and robust. Don't be afraid of the macabre sounding name of the wood - Bloodwood is so named for its color and not its magical properties. An exotic hardwood, bloodwood has the unique characteristic of working easily with all elemental spheres, especially whichever is tied to your personal sun sign. I have no idea what that means. I am only a muggle wandmaker after all. But this much I do understand: Ronan the centaur would appreciate this wand - Bloodwood is useful in divination as it helps uncover long-lost secrets, both past and future, aiding its posessor in understanding the given knowledge. It's also perfect for matters of heart and healing.

Whew, that was a moutful (or a handful since I typed this). I guess as a muggle I can only report what wandlore tells me. This wand has never so much as shot sparks for me, and wasn't made in the light of a full moon on the winter solstice either. But my kids were all disappointed that I was selling it and not giving it to one of them, so it seems to have some magic in it for kids at least.

A wand like this, highly styled, from wood in stock, is $18.00.

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