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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Myrtle and Purpleheart Wand: The Pacifica Silna

This Myrtle and Purpleheart Wand has an innate magic all its own. Myrtle is a haven for peace and is admired for its relative strength and sheer size. The Myrtle tree itself represents endurance and power and because it is often struck by lightning it has been said to have the ability to attract inspiration, wisdom and illumination. Purpleheart is known in wandlore for its divination and creative powers, for spiritual healing and health. Together they make a powerful wand that is great for jinxing your siblings when they get on your nerves, and for blocking unfriendly hexes and dirty looks. And it looks dang cool.

This wand is 12 and a half inches long, and the price is $23.75.

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