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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oak and Purpleheart Auror's Wand

Oak is known for endurance, and triumph. Purpleheart is known in wandlore for its divination and creative powers, for spiritual healing and health. Put them together and you'll have a wand that would have served Harry Potter much better than the one Ron Weasley grabbed off the snatchers - endure and triumph in all but the most wicked duels, and restore your coven to health after sustaining all sorts of grueling jinxes and hexes - this wand is perfect for aurors (dark wizard catchers) of all ages.

The magic in this wand is as real as Harry Potter - it's just plain fun. But there's also the charm and appeal of hand-turned, solid wood construction, custom made to order. Great for kids of all ages. Look out, you-know-who, for the witch or wizard armed with this one!
Price: $23.75

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