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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Wizard Wands

A new addition to Muggle Wandmaker's offerings, these miniature wizard wands pack quite a punch. Just make sure that you register with the ministry of magic for a concealed wand permit if you're going to be keeping one of these mini wands in your pocket.

As with all of my wands, these are solid hardwoods, polished smooth and ready for wizarding action. Prices vary depending on the wood - less expensive domestics $12.00, common exotics $14.00, and rare exotics $16.00. $5 shiping will be added at checkout, and may be combined for multiple orders.

Wood Choice
Name of Wood

Domestics ($12.00):
Alder: protects against drowning, acts as a shield against death curses and ill opens. Known to keep that ridiculous grim away. Has strange results when combined with gillyweed - not recommended.

Ambrosia Maple: great for charm work, especially levitation. Careful though - don't think "levicorpus" to yourself when you're fingering your keys or the others in the room may get a bit of a surprise.

Ash: great at casting protective charms around your home to keep out those darned death eaters - they can seriously mess up your decorating scheme. Works great at imperturbable charms too - keep dungbombs and extendable ears at bay.

Maple: great for charm work, especially levitation. Careful though - don't think "levicorpus" to yourself when you're fingering your keys or the others in the room may get a bit of a surprise.

Mesquite: not just a barbeque flavoring, mesquite wands have been favored by native American wizards for their use in rain charms and summoning buffalo. TATONKA!! Only make sure you don't combine the two - raining buffalo - now that's scary.

Myrtle: Listen up ladies - myrtle is great in matters of love and passion. Popular among dryads - don't let them steal your wizard's heart, get your own myrtle miniwand today!

Oak: Wisdom, strength, stability, protection. In short, boring, right? Well, don't underestimate wands of oak - rumor has it they can be mended by the elder wand if you get expelled for letting something mad an hairy loose on the castle - just keep it hidden in a pink umbrella and you're OK.

Common Exotics ($14.00):
Purpleheart: Known especially for its power in healing work - Consider this your personal first aid kit (only in addition to a REAL first aid kit - sorry, muggle laywer language)

Bubinga: a sensitive wood, according to wandlore. Wizards, this may just be what you need to win that witch's attention - forget relationship self-help books and get a bubinga minwand today.

Canarywood: helpful in spurring creativity and artistic expression. Combined with gnome saliva (excuse me, gernumblie saliva) you could be capable of amazing works of art with this miniwand.

Tambootie: Careful with this one, folks. Tambootie exudes noxious vapors when burned, and its sap is used to tip arrows by tribes in Africa. As a wand, it could be a little unstable - no guarantees that it won't backfire on you and make you vomit slugs. Still, if you're willing to give it a go, it could be just the wand you've been looking for.

Goncalo Alvez: this wand has a mystique to its mischeivous energy that lends to the uncovering of wild mysteries and the favours of the bold spirit toward the blessings of fate. Caution: has been known to cause spontaneous speaking in spanish to the wielder. Yo quiero los tacos por favor....Oh, it strikes again!

Osage Orange: known for repelling vermin (including annoying siblings) and resisting decay, excellent for use in totem magic.

Rare Exotics ($16.00):
Cochen Rosewood: Rosewoods are all great when it comes to matters of the heart - enhancing natural beauty and grace, and quite effective at love charms. Cochen Rosewood is from the carribean, so it has a decidedly tropical flare to its magic - beware of accidentally conjuring coconuts.

East-Indian Rosewood: again, a rosewood that will help win the hearts and minds of others. This wand also is highly effective in cooking with curry.

Nigerian Ebony: a powerful, indiscriminate wood - it's like the swiss army knife of wands. Open bottles, clip your fingernails, jinx your enemies and protect your palls with this little beaut.

Tulipwood: with ties to the moon and lunar cycle, this wand can be a little temperamental if you use it under a new moon.

Spalted Maple: As with other maples, great for charms and levitation. This has the added plus of being great for any spell work that involves cheese.

Wood Choice
Name of Wood

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