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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Black Ops" Hitwizard Wand - Yew

Those of us familiar with both the muggle and the wizarding world know that there is a magical equivalent for most non-magical situations. The muggle world has Jason Bourne, James Bond, Ethan Hunt. The magical world has its equivalent "black ops" operatives, but I dare not mention their names - you know who you are, and to protect my innocence, please use a muggle alias if you order this wand - after all, you-know-who himself had a yew wand, and look at all the trouble his wandmaker went through...Yew is known as the wood of death. Its berries and seeds are toxic, and often used in potions, but keep a bezoir handy just in case something goes wrong. It has powerful magical properties including communication, bridging the gap between the magical and muggle worlds, and works great for rune work and necromantic spells. Just make sure that all the work you do with it is ministry approved and you have parental permission.

Price (up to 11" long) $27.50 - Specify which shape you prefer when you order.

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