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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yew Wizard Wand - But Not You-Know-Who's

This wizard wand is made from yew. The most famous yew wand in recent wizarding history is the wand used by he who must not be named, in the torture and killings of untold muggles and wizards in the recent war that culiminated with the battle of Hogwarts. Of course, the wand was abandoned in a counter-productive search for the Wand of Destiny. Yeah, you-know-who was doomed from the beginning - if only he had understood the power he knew not...Anyway yew is supposed to be the wood of death, but I think that's an undeserved reputation - so the seeds and leaves are poisonous, and so a certain wand was used to kill a lot of people - still, all we need is a witch or wizard who has the courage to take this powerful wand and use it for good. Will that be you?

Available for $18.00, this wand is about 10" long.

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