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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yellowheart and Purpleheart Wand - The Paradoxia

This wand is made from Yellowheart and Purpleheart and measures 14". As yellow and purple are opposite on the color wheel, so Yellowheart (or Pao Amarello) and Purpleheart are nearly polar opposites in wandlore. Yellowheart is known for leading to victory in combat, and for meditation and stillness. Purpleheart is known for its use in divination, its creative energy, and its healing powers. Combined, they look dang cool, and in the right hands, may be useful as maybe a wizard medic on the front lines in the fight against the death eaters, or perhaps to help restless kids sit still - I could sure use a wand that does that!

Price as shown: $26.00

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