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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wands of Defense - the Alder Protegus Collection

These wizard wands are hand-turned from Alder, a hardwood renowned in wandlore for its strength in defensive spells, including shielding against death curses, ill omens, and destructive emotions - no other wand is more effective against the unforgivable curses, no matter how sincerely they are meant. Not to be confused with Elder, the wood of the Death Stick or Wand of Destiny, which wood is typically considered unlucky for wand use. Alder is light, strong, and whippy.

Don't worry that they're not effective for other jinxes and charms and curses - and don't forget Mad Eye Moody's advice not to keep these wands in your back pockets lest you join the ranks of wizards who have lost their buttocks to inadvertant wand discharge.

These wands are approximately 11". Price per wand $19.50, and be sure to specify the shape in your buyer's instructions.

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