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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oak Wand of Endurance

Known for endurance, and triumph, this natural-finish solid oak wand has been carefully turned and polished to a bright sheen and is ready for charm work, transfiguration class, and of course, defense against the dark arts. Remember the wand chooses the wizard, so be sure to select the wand that speaks to you, and don't be disappointed if it doesn't shoot out red sparks when you first grip it - that's just in the stories...

All my wands are made individually, from wood selected by the pickiest bowtruckles in Riverdale. Designed for the young witch or wizard, with blunt tips and metaphysical cores that can be identified only by the witch or wizard of the wand's chosing. Tested and inspected by my own children via wizard duel, and guaranteed to provide loads of spellcasting fun.

Single-piece wands price $18.75

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