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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mun Ebony and Ambrosia Maple Wand - The Chronismo Temporum

Hand-crafted from Mun Ebony and Ambrosia Maple, this wand is a result of the Ministry's top secret research at the department of mysteries - as revealed by a recent infiltration into the department of ministry by dark wizards after teenage wizards, the ministry has been researching the mysteries of time, including how to move about the fourth dimension. The Mun Ebony brings the strength of Ebony magic and the power of the moon, and is combined with the powers of Ambrosia Maple in levitation charms. As with Golpalot's Third Law in potions, the combined power of the two is greater than the sum of the components. Being a muggle myself, I admit the wand doesn't work for me, but in the hands of the right witch or wizard skilled in temporal manipulations...well, let's just say anything's possible.

Length: 14". Price: $40.00. Availability of Ambrosia Maple may affect price.

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  1. Hello again, it's Rebecca, I emailed you a while back asking about the price of this style of wand made with Padauk wood. I am interested in buying it since I have finally gotten enough money too. Please do email me back. Thanks ever so much.

    Rebecca Triplett

  2. Ok, it's Rebecca again, can you tell me how I would be spacific in the ordering of the wand with the Padauk wood? I have tried to order it and I am not sure how to specify the style in Padauk. If you could please email me back I would much appriciate it.

    Rebecca Triplett

  3. Hey Mike, it's Becca again, still wanting this wand in Padauk and not sure how to specify it in the purchase. Please email me back.

    Thanks alot.

    Becca Triplett

  4. Becca, I'm terribly sorry, I am not sure why I didn't get notifications of your comments. The best way is to email me - my address is on the lower left - mike@mikeswoodwork.net. I can make just about any wand out of any wood, though it does change the price. I still haven't seen emails from you, so try again, or post your email address as a comment and I'll delete it after I email you back.