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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lignum Vitae Wizard Wand: Merlin's Verge

This wizard wand is made from Lignum Vitae, and is about 11" long. Lignum Vitae, one of the most dense, hard, and strong woods there is, is rumored to be the same wood the legendary wizard Merlin's wand was made from. With interlocking varied grain, the magic that flows through this wand is known for positive energy and luck. As Harry Potter found when using the Felix Felicis potion, luck makes all the difference in performing otherwise difficult spells, like the replenishing charm that had never gone right for him in lessons, but came in handy when seeking Professor Slughorn's memory. Try this wand, and you too may find that you have success where previously you struggled.

Price: 23.50

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