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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holly Wizard Wand - Phoenix Feather Is Up To You

Our favorite boy wizard of all time wielded a wand of holly with a phoenix feather core against the most evil dark wizard of all time, he who must not be named, and he did it with great effect.

Holly, probably the whitest of woods, is supposed to have powers to protect from evil spirits. Personally, I think it helps if you share a magical core with your arch enemy and he underestimates it...Anyway, this particular wand is about 11" long, and is made knuckled and bony because holly looks like bone. As far as its magical properties are concerned, and whether it has a phoenix feather core or not, well, don't ask me - I'm a muggle after all. You're the wizard.

It's a cool wand. I hope it chooses you. Price: $23.00

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