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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eucalyptus Wand - Elder Wand Style

British wizards grew up hearing the story of the three brothers, and knowing the legend of the wand of destiny, the deathstick, the elder wand. Then, when they met the Australian Aborigines, they realized they didn't have a monopoly on powerful magical objects. Eucalyptus draws from the earth its power for protection, shielding, and good luck with spellcasting. Patterned after the wand that betrayed you-know-who to his downfall as it left his hand to his true master, the beads on this wand taper and draw the magical energy into the tip for powerful spellcasting. Or so I'm told. Don't take a muggle's word for it though - try it yourself, if it chooses you.

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Length: 11"

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